Alumni Programs

Reed Career Alliance (RCA)

The Reed Career Alliance is an alumni association–sponsored initiative to support Reed College students and alumni in the development of meaningful careers post-Reed.

This network of Reed volunteers from all generations share time and expertise with each other. We encourage you to view the resources below for either advancing your own career, or for helping others in their journey. To get involved, please see the contact details below.

Reed Networking Resources

Using social media platforms, Reed community members gather in affinity groups to share information, post career opportunities, and promote Reedie success. Alumni professional networks are groups of Reedies (including students, alumni, faculty, and staff) who share a common industry, discipline, or career field, or who provide support to the community in some way. These groups are independent, and provide different types of content and resources depending on the interests of the group. If you have an interest in one of these fields, feel free to join and learn more.


Mentorship is a critical part of career growth and for switching careers mid-stream.

For Mentees

It’s not only important to learn from mentors and those who have come before you, but it’s important to “learn how to learn."

  • The Center for Life Beyond Reed has produced this video featuring alumni discussing mentorship and interviewing.
  • Lev Navarre-Chao ’12 developed a guide for mentees who are interested in getting the most out of mentorship opportunities with alumni and others.

For Mentors

The following are a few opportunities for alumni to mentor or connect with Reed students. In the future, we will also be providing training resources for mentors.

  • Reed Alumni Connect: Call Reedies when they graduate and offer them support as they transition into the “real world."
  • Reed Leadership Academy (RELAY): Apply to be a coach for aspiring student leaders.


Contact the Center for Life Beyond Reed or alumni relations with any questions you may have regarding career services available to alumni.