Alumni Programs

Welcome to the Reed alumni web conference

The web conference is a virtual community where Reed alumni hang out and talk about everything Reedies like to talk about, from Achilles Shield to the Doyle Owl, from job networking to the usual bellyaching about the decline of Good Olde Reed. We hope this experiment will grow into a forum that extends the Reed intellectual experience beyond the time we spent on campus.

About the forum itself: it's not email, it's not chat. It's called conferencing. Long ago, the metaphor used was a bulletin board because it was somewhat descriptive of the interface. Someone posts a note. Someone else reads it, and decides to respond. A third person reads the first two, and joins in with a response. In this sort of conferencing, someone starts a topic, others come along and (hopefully) read what has been written in response to the topic, and join in. Or maybe they just sit back and read without participating. It's all free and requires very little technical knowledge. Beginners are welcome.

Please note: The Reed alumni web conference group is a wholly independent virtual community. Reed College and its employees have no role whatsoever in the management or oversight of the conference group itself. In addition, information and comments provided by members of the Reed alumni conference group reflect the personal interests of the members themselves. Postings in no way reflect the opinions, interests or views of Reed College or its departments and faculty.