Explore around town . . . and out of town!

If you wish to stay closer to campus and explore in Portland proper, start with our list of self-directed sightseeing suggestions. Also on this page are a few ideas for day trips, including outings to Tillamook, Astoria, and Mount Hood, as well as a visit to the Reed ski cabin. 

To make contact with others who would like to do the same activities as you do, post a note to the Reunions Facebook page.

Day trips

Tillamook, Oregon

Take US 26 west from Portland for about 22 miles, then US 6 for another 52 miles to US 101. Things to see and do in and near Tillamook:

Tillamook Cheese Company

Watch cheese being made; taste cheese and ice cream.
4175 Highway 101 North. Visitor center open 8 a.m.–6 p.m., tours and tasting.

Blue Heron French Cheese Company

Brie and other cheeses from around the world, plus chocolates and wine. Mostly a store, but they let you taste and have a petting zoo as well.
2001 Blue Heron Drive. Open 8 a.m.–8 p.m.

Tillamook Air Museum

More than 30 vintage planes housed in a blimp hangar, the largest wooden building in the world.
6030 Hangar Road. Open 9 a.m.–5 p.m., entrance fee.

Latimer Quilt and Textile Center

Antique and contemporary quilts, weaving, and spinning.
2105 Wilson River Loop Road. Open Monday–Saturday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m., Sunday, noon–4 p.m., entrance fee.

Tillamook County Pioneer Museum

Displays and photographs illustrating the natural and human history of Tillamook County.
2106 Second Street. Open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m., closed Monday 

Cape Lookout State Park

Day use and camping, ocean views, and hiking trails.
12 miles SW of Tillamook, day use fee.

Munson Falls

Western red cedar and Sitka spruce, the highest waterfall in the Coast Range.
8 miles SE of Tillamook. Hiking trail, picnicking.
No fee, no restrooms, narrow road with no turnaround for RVs.

Astoria, Oregon

Take I-5 north from Portland for almost 50 miles to exit 36.  Take Washington 432 west to the Lewis & Clark Bridge, 5.5 miles, then US 30 to Astoria, another 45 miles. Coming back to Portland, stay on US 30 for a view from the west side of the Columbia River. Things to see and do in and near Astoria:

Columbia River Maritime Museum

Stunning displays of life at the mouth of the Columbia River with special emphasis on Coast Guard rescues.
1792 Marine Drive. Open 9:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

Astoria Column

Climb the 164 steps of the column for a panoramic view of Astoria; fly a balsa-wood airplane off the top of the column.
Creigee Circle off Coxcomb Drive. Open dawn to dusk.

US Highway 101 Bridge

Cross the Columbia River near its mouth.

Waterfront Trolley

Ride the restored 1913 trolley along the Astoria Waterfront.
Various stops, jump on/jump off, times dependent on volunteer operators, cost $1.

Fort Clatsop National Historical Park

A replica of the winter 1805/1806 encampment of the Lewis & Clark expedition.  Interpretive center and ranger talks.
Fort Clatsop Road, 6 miles south of Astoria. Open 9 a.m.–5 p.m., $3 fee for 16 and older.

Flavel House Museum

Restored 1884 Queen Anne home built for Captain George Flavel.
Corner of 8th and Duane. Open 10 a.m.–5 p.m., fee.

Columbia Gorge, Hood River, Mt. Hood, and Government Camp

Take the Mt. Hood loop through some of the most scenic areas in the vicinity of Portland.

Multnomah Falls

Drive east on I-84 to the rest area in the median at Multnomah Falls (left exit). It is about 26 miles from Reed. Walk under the westbound lanes to the falls and Multnomah Lodge, built in 1925 by timber magnate George Benson. Alternatively, take exit 22 at Corbett and follow the Columbia Scenic Highway, stopping off at Crown Point scenic overlook on the way. Climb part or all the way up the falls on the paved trail.

Hood River

Continue 38 miles on I-84, or Columbia Scenic Highway and I-84 to exit 64, Mt. Hood highway, state route 35. You can stretch your legs at Pt. Marina Park, or just start driving south. Look for the "leaving scenic area" sign immediately followed by a stunning view of Mt. Hood. The Hood River valley is the pear capital of Oregon. Pears won’t be in season in June, but you can stop at roadside stands for preserves and other seasonal items.

Timberline Lodge

After nearly 40 miles, state highway 35 merges onto US 26. Go west toward Portland and Government Camp. Make a hard right at Timberline Highway, and go about 6 steep, twisty miles up to the lodge.You can ski there all year round. There are hiking trails, which are apt to still be snow covered in early June, and, of course, there is the lodge. Spend some time by the fireplace and admire the design and construction of the lodge. Admire the view and breathe in the smell of pine forest. There is a nice, if somewhat pricey, restaurant at the lodge.

Reed Ski Cabin

Go back down Timberline Highway and turn right on US 26. In a few miles, you will be in Government Camp, where you can find the Reed Ski Cabin. The ski cabin will be open for us, but Reed guards information about the location of the cabin in order to maintain the cabin’s security and privacy. We also want to let the resident manager to know whom to expect; detailed instructions are online. In Government Camp you will also find the Mt. Hood Brewing Company, if you want some really local beer. The designated driver can follow US 26 back to Reed, about a 90-minute drive.

Create your own outing

If you wish to get off campus and explore in and around Portland on your own and/or with other alumni, we encourage you to start with these self-directed sightseeing suggestions.