Alumni Programs

Nominations for Alumni Board service starting in July 2022

In accordance with the constitution of the Reed College alumni association, and following a call for nominations, the nominating committee of the alumni association hereby gives notice of the following nominations to the Alumni Board. All terms begin July 1, 2022. Some of these sketches have been edited for space.

In all offices for which there is only one nominee on January 1, the nominee shall be considered elected as of that date, except that the board of trustees must approve the alumni trustee nomination. Additional nominations for each vacant position may be submitted by petition from the membership. Said petitions must contain the name and a brief biographical sketch of the nominee, the office to be filled, and the signatures of 50 or more members of the Alumni Association. Petitions must be received by the College on or before January 1. The nominations process may be viewed here in the constitution

Secretary (One-Year Term)

Andrei Stephens ’08

At-Large Board Members (Three-Year Term)

Grant Burgess ’13 

Maya Campbell ’14

Jennifer Delfino ’05

Avigail Hurvitz-Prinz ’05

Lanlan Valentina Jin ’11

Alumni Trustee (Four-Year Term)

Carla Beam ’76

Continuing Alumni Board for 2022–2023

President: Dave Baxter ’87 

Vice President: Dylan Rivera ’95 

Past President: alea adigweme ’06

Alumni Trustees:

  • Michael Axley ’89
  • Christine Lewis ’07
  • Lisa Saldana ’94

At-Large Members:

  • Sirius Bonner ’05
  • Carmen García Durazo ’11
  • Shirley Gibson ’94
  • Liz Gilkey ’01
  • Ian Fisher ’07
  • Katie Halloran ’15
  • Ashlin Hatch ’17
  • Peter Miller ’06
  • Laramie Silber ’13
  • Marjorie Skinner ’01

Nominations for Nominations Committee service starting in July 2022

Nominating Committee (One-Year Term)

Charli Krause ’09

Yuka Nagashima ’92

Darlene Pasieczny ’01 

Previously Appointed Nominations Committee for 2022–2023

alea adigweme ’06 Past President

Dave Baxter ’87 President