Alumni Relations & Volunteer Engagement

Nominations for Alumni Board service starting in July 2023

In accordance with the constitution of the Reed College alumni association, and following a call for nominations, the nominating committee of the alumni association hereby gives notice of the following nominations to the Alumni Board. All terms begin July 1, 2023. Some of these sketches have been edited for space.

In all offices for which there is only one nominee on January 1, the nominee shall be considered elected as of that date, except that the board of trustees must approve the alumni trustee nomination. Additional nominations for each vacant position may be submitted by petition from the membership. Said petitions must contain the name and a brief biographical sketch of the nominee, the office to be filled, and the signatures of 50 or more members of the Alumni Association. Petitions must be received by the College on or before January 1. The nominations process may be viewed here in the constitution

Secretary (One-Year Term)

Katie Rempe ’05

Katie lives in Portland, OR and is a Program Manager at Choice Bank. She majored in Anthropology at Reed and has served in a variety of alumni volunteer roles. Highlights inlcude her service on her 10th Reunion class committee, a year on the Alumni Board Nominations Committee, and ongoing service as a career services volunteer. As a student, Katie was a house advisor and an Annual Fund phonathon caller.

At-Large Board Members (Three-Year Term)

Claire Dennerlein-Manson ’02

Claire lives in Portland, OR and works in Sales and Sprecial Projects at Pink Martini & Heinz Records. She majored in American Studies. Since graduating, Claire has volunteered for Reunions and the Reed Wine Fundraiser Committee. She's also served as the Westwind Committee Chair alongside her husband Paul since 2019.

Caitlin McKenna ’08

Caitlin lives in Boulder, CO and is the Director of Engineering at NakedPoppy. She majored in History at Reed. Caitlin has volunteered as an alumni admission local host and with career services. As a student, she was Gray Fund intern and house advisor.

Bronwyn North-Reist ’07

Bronwyn lives in Canoga Park, CA and is the Executive Director of Live Action Series at The Walt Disney Company. She majored in Theatre-Literature at Reed and was house advisor. As an alum, she has volunteered with career services.

Vasiliy Safin ’07

Vasiliy lives in Iowa and is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences at Simpson College. He majored in Psychology at Reed and has served as an Alumni Fundraising for Reed volunteer, a career services volunteer, and as an Alumni College presenter.

Alix Sanchez ’08

Alix lives in Vancouver, WA and is the Senior Manager for Domestic and Sexual Violence Coordination at Multnomah County. They majored in English at Reed and served on student senate. Since graduating, Alix has served on the Alumni Board's Diversity and Inlcusion Committee, as an alumni admission volunteer, and on the Peer Mentor Program Advisory Board.

Alumni Trustee (Four-Year Term)

Tina Sohaili-Korbonits ’07

Tina lives in Santa Monica, CA and is General Attorney at the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights. She majored in Philosophy at Reed and has served as a a legal nework volunteer, Paideia presenter, Reed Career Services volunteer, and as an Alumni Fundraising for Reed volunteer.

Chapter Representatives to the Alumni Board (One-Year Term)

Gray Karpel, ’08

Gray lives in Somerville, MA and is the Director of Project Management and Marketing Communications at AlphaSimplex Group. She majored in Classics at Reed. She has served in a number of volunteer roles, including serving on the Boston Chapter Steering Committee, as a Reunions committee member, an Alumni Fundraising for Reed volunteer, and as an alumni admission representative.

Jim Quinn, ’83

Jim lives in Portland, OR and is the Hazardous Waste Program Supervisor at Metro—the regional planning and governing agency for the Portland metropolitan area. He majored in Chemistry at Reed. Some of Jim's recent volunteer activities include serving on the Portland Chapter Steering Committee, as a Westwind committee member, and as a member of the Chapter Leadership Council.

Continuing Alumni Board for 2023–2024

President:  Dylan Rivera ’95

Vice President:  Andrei Stephens ’08

Past President: Dave Baxter ’87

Alumni Trustees:

  • Michael Axley ’89
  • Carla Beam ’76
  • Lisa Saldana ’94

At-Large Members:

  • Grant Burgess ’13
  • Maya Campbell ’15
  • Jennifer Delfino ’05
  • Ian Fisher ’07
  • Carmen García Durazo ’11
  • Katie Halloran ’15
  • Ashlin Hatch ’17
  • Avigail Hurvitz-Prinz ’05
  • Valentina Jin-Trowbridge ’11
  • Marjorie Skinner ’01

Nominations for Nominations Committee service starting in July 2023

Nominations Committee (One-Year Term)

Becky Chiao ’85

Becky lives in Portland, OR and is the Director of Affirmative Action at Portland State University. She majored in Religion at Reed. Since graduating, Becky has been active in the alumni community, serving on the Alumni Board's Diversity and Inclusion Committee, as a Reunions committee member, an oral history project volunteer, and as an alumni admission representative.

Josh Cox ’18

Josh lives in Portland, OR and is currently working to connect and promote Portland’s POC arts community via a grant from the Precipice Fund. He majored in English and has been a guest writer for Reed Magazine since 2018. As a student, Josh was Head Treasurer for Senate and a recipient of the President's Summer Fellowship award.

Christine Lewis ’07

Christine lives in West Linn, OR and is the Metro Councilor for District 2. She majored in Anthropology at Reed and will conclude her term as Alumni Trustee on June 30, 2023. Highlights of Christine's volunteer activities include serving as the chair of Alumni Fundraising for Reed, being a Reed Leadership Academy (RELAY) mentor, and sitting on her 10th and 15th Reunions class committees.

Previously Appointed Nominations Committee for 2023–2024

Dave Baxter ’87 Past President

Dylan Rivera ’95 President