Alumni Programs

The Alumni Community: Events, Networking, Chapters

What are alumni events?

Good question! Alumni events are events put on by Reed alumni, or Alumni Programs, specifically for a Reed alumni audience. It's not to say you can't attend other events at Reed, but that these events are specifically for you. They're also available all over the country. Events include pub nights, apple-picking excursions, potluck dinners, and more. For new grads in particular, these events can be great networking opportunities.

In Portland, we often host special events for alumni in Prexy: past events have included a discussion of Dante with President John Kroger, community forums on alumni issues, and knitting nights.

You can see a list of them here, and you'll also get a monthly email about events in your area. (And your area means wherever we think you live, so make sure you update your address when you move to a new city!)

What are the most notable alumni events?

There are a couple major alumni events at Reed you won't want to miss. Reunions, which happens in June, sees over a thousand alumni from all over the country return to campus. The Forum for Advancing Reed, in September, gives alumni an opportunity to learn about the inner workings of Reed and advise College Relations on policy.

What Student Events am I welcome at?

Alumni can attend Renn Fayre, but must pay for their pass. If they volunteer with Karma Patrol, Boundary Patrol, or Klean up Krew, they can recieve a free pass. 

Starting in 2015, there will be opportunities for alumni to be a part of Orientation. Details are forthcoming. Contact to learn more.

Alumni cannot attend Gray Fund events unless they are the guest of a current student.

Individual department events may vary in their openness to alumni – contact Conference and Event Planning if you are curious about if an event is open to you.

What is the travel program?

Reed’s Alumni Office plans a number of travel experiences for Reed alumni every year. Most of these trips are planned in-house, though some are run through outside agencies – if this is the case, it will be noted in the trip description. Details on trips currently available are here.

How can I connect with Reedies who can help me out?

Center for Life Beyond Reed services are available to alumni and can be accessed through the CLBR website and IRIS. Additionally, you retain access to the Alumni Directory through IRIS, which you can use to find alumni in your field. Reed Switchboard is an invaluable resource as well. Reed alumni are usually thrilled to help out new graduates, so don’t hesitate to ask contact Alumni Relations if there is a specific alumnus/a you want to get in touch with. We'll be glad to help you make the connection.

How can I get involved in the alumni community?

There are too many ways to get involved to list, and navigating them can be confusing. For this reason, if you want to get involved and don't know where to start, please feel free to contact and we'll be glad to help place you where we can. We also love new ideas. We have a motto in Alumni Relations - "If we build it, they won't come." Rather, we're always looking for new ideas, and for alumni champions who can make them a reality.

Here is a list of some current volunteer opportunities:

What are the functions of the Alumni Board and Alumni chapters?

The Alumni Board is distinct from the Board of Trustees. The Alumni Board is a volunteer board that advises College Relations on policy and serve as leaders of the alumni volunteer community. More information on the board is available here.

Chapters are groups in nine cities throughout the United States that work to support the Reed community in the area. They put on social events and help alumni to meet their career goals. You can see a list of all the chapters and get in touch here.