Alumni Programs

Alumni Status and Privileges

Am I automatically a member of the alumni association?

If you are no longer a student at Reed, completed at least one year of class at Reed, and were not expelled from the college or removed from the Alumni Association, then congratulations! You are a Reed alumnus, alumna, or alum.

What privileges does alumni status entail?

If you are a member of the alumni association, you have the following privileges (click any link for more information)

Please note that these are all privileges, and may be revoked at the discretion of Alumni Relations and Community Safety. See “Can alumni status be revoked?

What campus facilities can I use, and how?

The Sports Center is open to alumni, but you need an alumni card (available at the Alumni Office in Prexy) and student use takes priority. During peak hours, alumni are not allowed in facilities, and they must always defer to student needs first when using the sports center. See this page for more information.

You may check out books from the Reed library with an alumni card. Summit and Inter-Library Loan are not available to alumni.

You can sign onto campus computers with your IRIS account, but printing is not available to alumni. You can also use your IRIS account to access JSTOR.

You can reserve a spot at the ski cabin the same way you did as a student – through IRIS – though student use does take priority.

How do I order a transcript?

You can find instructions for ordering a transcript on the registrar's website.

How do I audit a class?

Alumni are permitted to audit most classes at Reed with instructor approval and the payment of an $100 fee.

The most important step to auditing a class is getting the approval of the professor teaching the class. Once you have the professor’s approval, you can pick up an auditing form from the Admission Office.

Can Alumni Status be Revoked?

As mentioned above, any person who was expelled from Reed is not considered an alumnus/a of the college.

If an alumnus or alumna has behaved in a way that makes an alumnus/a, student, faculty, or staff member, uncomfortable about their presence in the community, they may be subject to removal from the community or trespass from campus. This is decided by the director of Alumni Relations, in consultation with the Director of Community Safety.

If you have had a negative experience with a member of the alumni community that you believe merits follow-up action, please consider contacting Community Safety or the Director of Alumni Relations.