Alumni Programs

Staying in Touch: Managing your contact information

How do I update my contact information?

When you graduate from Reed, whatever contact information you have provided as a student will automatically be moved into the alumni database. This includes email, address, and phone number. So if you have had an out-of-date personal email in IRIS for years, now is the time to change it. This also means that if your parents live in Washington D.C., and you still list this as your Reed address after you graduate, you'll get emails about events in Washington D.C.

Never fear, however! You can update your contact information in IRIS. You can also easily adjust preferences for who can see your information: see below. Or, if you're too lazy to log into IRIS, you can email your updated information to Seriously, we are glad to update your information this way.

How do I receive news about what is going on at the college?

Once you’ve graduated, you’ll begin to receive various communications automatically, including Reed Magazine and various emails. You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time. More information is available below.

If you believe you should be recieving Reed Magazine or a certain email and you are not, please contact and we will do our best to fix the problem.

Who will contact me from Reed and why?

Any contact information that you have on your IRIS account that is not specifically removed in your privacy settings will be visible to all alumni. You can control who can see your contact information

Reed alumni receive frequent contact from the college. Most of this contact is not related to donation, but rather keeping you up to date on events and opportunities we make available. We do our best to ensure that this contact provides helpful information rather than irritating you, so if you want to be removed from any email lists, just contact us – or remove yourself from the relevant lists in IRIS.

Beyond Campus Opportunities – Twice-weekly update on job opportunities in the Reed network. BCOP is a unique list because it is managed through Unsubscribing from other Reed emails will not remove you from BCOP. If you wish to be removed, contact the Administrative Coordinator of the Center for Life Beyond Reed.

Annual Fund – Donating to Reed is important, and Annual Fund will contact you periodically asking you to contribute. 

Regional News – Depending on what city you have your address listed in, you may receive emails about nearby events.

TTT – Named for Thirsty Third Thursday, these emails inform you about all the Reed events happening in your area each month.

Reunions Emails – In the spring, you’ll likely receive a few emails about what is happening at Reunions this year.

ReedIENews – ReedIEnews provides you with updates on what the Reed community is up to – both in terms of what is going on on campus and what Reedies are doing in the world at large.

Travel Emails – Alumni Relations maintains a travel program for our alumni, and you’ll receive periodic emails updating you on the latest opportunities.

You may also receive contact for specific purposes periodically – for example, if you are an English major, you may be contacted for an English department review. Periodically, you may recieve notifications about projects like the Oral History Project or Strategic Planning.

How do I control who can contact me?

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to most alumni email lists through IRIS.  To help preserve the privacy of your email address from the Reed population, you can set your email address to not be publicly visible on IRIS, instead displaying an alumni forwarding address (or no address at all). IRIS has a number of ways to tweak what subgroups of people can see your information - feel free to peruse and customize to your preference.

Please note that we sometimes share alumni email addresses with other Reed community members on request, even if they are not visible in the directory. If you wish to not be contacted by any other Reed community members under any circumstance, please contact for information on being made confidential.  Reedies who are made "confidential" may still be contacted by the college, but their information will never be shared outside of the college administration - even to other alumni.