Alumni Programs

Events for New Grads

As a new graduate of Reed, there are a number of events to introduce you to the alumni community. Additionally, you can always see a full calendar of alumni events.


Reed's Reunions are open to all members of the Reed Community. With over 150 events, Reunions is whatever you make of it - it's a great networking opportunity for new graduates, or a chance to kick back and spend some time with Reedies.

This year's offerings include:

  • A 'zero reunion' class photo just for new graduates.
  • Stop Making Sense on Friday, June 12.
  • Peformances by recent graduates and current students, including Maria Maita-Keppler '14, Scott Britenstein '14, and the band Part of the Kollektiv.
  • A "Reed Game Expo" on Friday, June 12, where attendees will have a chance to demo 8 games made by Reed alumni.
  • Fireworks on Saturday, June 13.

Reunions 2015 is from June 10-15. Register at!

Chapter Picnics

Various chapters throughout the country have a summer picnic to welcome new graduates to the alumni community. You'll recieve an email about picnics near you this summer - that is, if you have an up-to-date address and email in IRIS!

Reedies Eat Pizza

After you graduate, you often experience a dearth of Reedies, and also of pizza. Alumni across the country seek to remedy this by providing free pizza and libations to new graduates. This event, held in cities across America, gives you the chance to network with alumni, eat food, and get to know your city and who is in it.

Orientation Move-In Helpers

In August, alumni return to Reed's campus to greet new students and help them move in. If you're interested in helping, email