Reunions 2018

June 6–10, 2018

Register for Reunions!

Quinquennial* get-togethers, late night reminiscing, epic dance parties, intellectual salons, and other shenanigans abound. Check out the schedule!

This year's Alumni College will be a writers’ workshop! “Word Workers of the World Unite: You have nothing to lose but your quatrains” will run June 6—8, 2018.

New dorm reservation fee for Reunions 2018

Thinking about staying on campus at Reunions this year? Please note that there will be a minimal dorm reservation fee of $10 to better manage the problem of no-shows, late cancellations, and long waitlists. This fee is per registration (not per dorm room or per person) covering a single night or more for all individuals on the registration.

That means the $10 fee will apply to any of the following registrations:

  • 1 person registering for 1 night in the dorms,
  • A family of 6 registering for 3 nights in the dorms,
  • And anything in between.

Why aren't dorms free this year?

Dorms were free during the first month of Reunions registration for the past few years, but a significant number of alumni would reserve beds and then not use them. Either they would not show up or cancel at the last minute. Additionally, the waitlist for dorms has been longer than we have been able to accommodate, and alumni who wanted to stay on campus were not able to do so. Meanwhile, there were empty rooms that were not being used despite our best efforts to follow up with each person registered to make sure they were indeed coming.

To help combat this and make sure there is a bed for everyone who wants to stay on campus during Reunions, there will now be a nominal fee of $10 per registration during the early-bird time period. This $10 dorm reservation fee is for the entire duration of your stay (be it one, two, or three nights) for all individuals on the registration (be it just you or plus your five additional family members) and helps offset the costs of Reunions. We appreciate your understanding in this matter!

Questions? Email the Alumni Programs staff at 

Check out last year's highlights! Love Reed. 

*Does your preferred graduation year end in a 3 or an 8? It is a quinquennial reunion year for you! Consider volunteering for your class reunion committee to plan your class's get-together and encourage your friends to attend.