Alumni Programs

Honorary Alumni

The designation of Honorary Alumni is bestowed upon those community members who have served Reed College and/or the Alumni Association with honor, integrity, and distinction. This honor formally recognizes exemplary leadership and service, and identifies those dedicated persons who have substantially contributed to Reed’s success.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors (also referred to as the Alumni Board) has the authority to honor an individual by naming them an Honorary Alumni member of the Reed College Alumni Association.

Nomination Process 

Alumni, faculty, and staff of Reed College may nominate someone for Honorary Alumni status. Individuals may be nominated for Honorary Alumni status at any time during the year, but the final selection process will occur annually at the Alumni Board’s fall meeting, which usually takes place at the Forum for Advancing Reed (FAR). Nominations must be submitted no later than August 1 for consideration that fall. Any nominations received after August 1 will be reviewed the following year. Nominations are collected on a rolling basis by Alumni Programs & Annual Fund, vetted by the Executive Director of Alumni Programs & Annual Fund, and forwarded to the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association Board of Directors for review. 

Alumni, faculty, and staff may nominate an individual for Honorary Alumni recognition by submitting an official nomination form. Additional letters of support are highly encouraged. The letters should articulate why the candidate exemplifies one or more of the evaluation criteria enumerated below. For questions regarding the nomination process, or to request the nomination form, please email

submit a nomination

Evaluation Criteria

Candidates will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Provided outstanding service to Reed College and/or the Alumni Association
  • Demonstrated loyalty to Reed College and the Alumni Association
  • Demonstrated commitment to Reed College’s values
  • Encouraged a culture of equity and inclusion at Reed College or for the Alumni Association
  • Exemplified honorable behavior throughout their engagement with the Reed College community

Who Cannot Be Considered? 

  • Graduates of Reed College
  • Current Reed College employees 
  • Trustees serving current terms on the Reed College Board of Trustees, and their spouses/partners

Selection Process

By tradition, retiring faculty of the college are automatically considered for Honorary Alumni status. The Executive Committee of the Alumni Association Board of Directors will review all nominations, finalize their list of recommendations, and send them to the full Alumni Board ahead of the fall meeting. Following a vote on each final nominee by the Alumni Board, the President of the Alumni Association will notify the Executive Director of Alumni Programs & Annual Fund with the list of Honorary Alumni approved by the Alumni Board. Those designated will then be formally notified by the Executive Director of Alumni Programs & Annual Fund. The Alumni Board reserves the right to revoke Honorary Alumni status by vote at any time if it determines such action is necessary.

Please direct any questions about the nomination or selection process to