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Reed on the Road

Thank you for joining us for Reed on the Road 2022

Reed on the Road is a series of regional events designed for Reed alumni and parents, offering rich institutional and academic knowledge delivered by campus leadership and faculty. 

The 2022 event series was focused on significant changes over the past couple of years, most notably: health of the college since the start of the pandemic, installing Reed's 16th president, Audrey Bilger, and the adoption of the newest Humanities 110 curriculum.

At Reed on the Road 2022:

  • Audrey Bilger, Reed’s 16th President, reflected on her first two years at Reed, as well as her vision for the future;
  • Pancho Savery, professor of English and humanities, delivered a talk from Humanities 110

This year, Pancho Savery, professor of English and humanities, gave a lecture entitled "Perfect as Dusk" and discussed the first section of Jean Toomer's Cane, which features stories and poems depicting women in the rural black South. This talk offered discussion on why these women are portrayed as closely connected to nature and whether this portrayal is a limitation or provides a sense of empowerment for the female protagonist. 

Optional reading: Cane (Jean Toomer, 1923), first section.

Perfect at Dusk citations

Here is a recording of the Reed on the Road 2022 event in New York City