Alumni Programs

Organize Events

Reed Traditions

Reunions: Reunions wouldn't be the same without our alumni volunteers. Reunions Class Leaders help to make sure their class comes out for Reunions in droves, and sometimes organize additional events for their class. And any number of Reedies contribute to Reunions by performing, speaking, or putting on events. If helping make Reunions interests you, email with a short description of how you'd like to help.

Paideia: Paideia gives alumni an opportunity to help current Reedies be teaching them about - well, anything! If you are interested in teaching a class for this year's Paideia, check out the Paideia website or email

Renn Fayre: Alumni who volunteer at Renn Fayre recieve a free pass to come back to campus. If you're intersted in being part of Boundary Patrol, Karma Patrol, or volunteering in another capacity, look no further than the Renn Fayre website. Alumni Relations is also working to recruit alumni to help advise students with their Renn Fayre project and ensure the success of said projects. Email if you are intersted. 

Planning Events

Feel like doing your own thing? We have resources for you. Whether you want to hold a pub night, a book group, or a St. Augustine memorial pear-stealing competition, we're happy to help out with any event that has the goal of bringing Reedies together.

You can contact us at for information on how we can help advertise, plan, and (sometimes) fund your event. Or, you can submit an event through our event form and wait for us to get back to you.