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Thirsty Third Thursday

In the mood to hang out and have something to drink and maybe dinner too? Share conversation and comestibles with fellow Reedies on Thirsty Third Thursday. Look for the pink table-top sign and the stuffed griffin at a pub/bar/restaurant near you.

For information or to RSVP, contact sfbayreed@gmail.

If you have an idea for an event please contact the Bay Area steering committee. We'd love to hear your ideas.


Reading group

The Reed Peninsula Reading Group is a bunch of alumni who have been meeting monthly for the last ten years or more (no one can actually remember when we started). We meet at the home of a member on the second Wednesday of the month.

Our tastes are eclectic/catholic. We have read A Social History of the Machine Gun as well as having a Kazuo Ishiguro double-header night. We are open to all Reed alumni and their partners.

For more information, please contact Richard Roistacher '65.

Steering Committee

To contact the chapter, send email to or you can look up individual members using IRIS.

Paul Anderson '92
Ian Atlas '91, chapter rep
Connie Brand '78, chapter chair
Liz Exter '84
Geoff Lane '96
Adrienne Ratner '00
Joe Scott '69
Stephen Shields '62
Jeff Whitehead '94
Warren Zwick '88