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Committee for Young Alumni (CYA)

The Committee for Young Alumni (CYA) is here to help younger alumni* connect, continue their intellectual journey, and collaborate in their post-Reed lives in meaningful and relevant ways. The CYA works on projects connecting young alumni with Reed and with each other and helps them get their bearings in their careers, passions, and the broader world.

Daydreaming about how Reed used to be? Thoughts about what Reed could be? We're here to help you find a role in the Reed alumni community. Whether you're a giver or you need a helping hand, we want to make Reed an ongoing resource in your intellectual life and community as you navigate the world as a recent graduate.

We recognize that alumni graduating in the current political, economic, and ecological climates are vulnerable and may need a hand—we've been there. This committee of the Alumni Board is here to connect you with the resources you need, whatever that might be.

*Young alumni refers to alumni who are 10 years or less out from Reed.

Who's on the committee? Can I join?

The CYA is made up of young alumni and those invested in helping to create and perpetuate a thriving Reed alumni community beyond the Reed bubble. The committee includes representatives from Reed's Alumni Programs and Annual Fund office and a few Alumni Board members, but most of us are just alumni volunteers interested in helping our fellow Reedies. We have meetings every other month, work on projects between those meetings, and come together to review and plan for the year at the Forum for Advancing Reed. Please reach out to the Alumni Programs and Annual Fund office if you'd like to join us!

How can I help?

Thanks for wanting to get involved! Informally, Reedies can be great resources for young alumni by:

If you want to get involved directly with the CYA (and we'd love to have you!), please reach out to The alumni office will let you know what we're currently working on and when we'll be meeting next.

Young Alumni Resources

Check out more resources for alumni here.

Have questions?

Contact the Alumni Programs and Annual Fund office at or 503/777-7589 for more information or to join us.