Alumni Relations & Volunteer Engagement

Alumni Fundraising for Reed: Additional Resources

The Case for Reed

When you give to Reed, you honor the challenging, rigorous, and transformative education that shaped you, and pass that opportunity on to someone else.

Signs of alumni philanthropy appear everywhere on campus—in science labs, conference-style classrooms, the library, residence halls, and the increasingly healthy ecosystem of the Reed canyon. Less tangibly, the impacts of alumni gifts appear in each renewed generation of hard-working and talented students and professors.

Many of the students who take Reed’s rigorous academic journey and animate Reed’s distinctive culture can enroll only because of the college’s commitment to need-based financial aid, but even students paying full tuition today do not fully cover the cost of their education.

Reed relies on past philanthropists, whose gifts created the endowment, and current gifts of all sizes to cover the college's expenses each year and set ambitious goals for the future.

Where You Can Direct Your Gift

  • Area of Greatest Need
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Support
  • Faculty Support

What Does the Volunteer Process Look Like? 

  1. Contact staff at, and tell us you want to help! 
  2. Staff will contact you letting you know when an outreach period is about to begin, and ask if you’d like to help. 
    1. If no—that’s okay! There are three opportunities to help every year. You’re perfectly welcome to help us next time. 
    2. If yes, let us know who you want to reach out to. Do you prefer alumni with in your major or class? Do you not have a preference? Do you want to personally select alumni to call? All of these work, just let us know! 
  3. Participate in the informational conference call. We’ll share best practices and talk about information relevant to the upcoming outreach period. 
  4. Receive your list and start your outreach! Once you get your list, feel free to get started with your outreach. You can call, email or do both! Questions? Contact your staff liason for answers and assistance. We'll be with you every step of the way. 
  5. Return your results to us. Make sure your results are noted on your list and send it back to us.
  6. Congrats! You’re done! 

How Can a Reedie Make a Gift? 

Visit to learn about different ways to give.