Alumni Relations & Volunteer Engagement

AFR Social Media Ambassadors

What is a Social Media Ambassador?

Alumni Fundraising for Reed Social Media Ambassadors are Reedies who emerge on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter during the last few days of an AFR outreach period (or at the end of the calendar or fiscal year) and remind Reedies to make a gift.

Why are Social Media Ambassadors important?

Because Reedies procrastinate! By the end of a giving period, most Reedies who have not yet made a gift that year will have received mail, emails, and perhaps a phone call from another Reedie reminding them to do so. But they still might be putting it off. A Social Media Ambassador is a last chance reminder and to the Reediesphere offering a quick link to give (and sometimes something more fun, like a special match). 

What do Social Media Ambassadors do?

There’s a short checklist that Social Media Ambassadors complete during each outreach period, as follows:

  • Like a Facebook or Instagram post from Reed reminding Reedies to make a gift (or create your own). 
  • Comment positively on this post. 
  • Share this post with your friends and in any Reedie groups you are in, personalize it with why you give to Reed, and encourage other Reedies to make a gift if they haven't yet.
  • If there’s a match, say so!

I can do that! How do I get involved? 

Email and say you want to be an AFR Social Media Ambassador—it’s that easy.

And then what happens?

Reed staff will remind you when an outreach period is happening and ask if you'd like to help. You can create and share any post that reminds Reedies to make a gift, but staff will also email you during the last few days of an outreach period with official content to share. Once you've completed the checklist, let the staff know.

Want to do more to help Reed?

Become an AFR outreach volunteer. Find out more here. And don't forget to make your gift to Reed!