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Alumni Xenia 2021: It’s About Timê

The Alumni Board has launched the Alumni Xenia 2021: It’s About Timê campaign to demonstrate how Reedies all over the world are interconnected through their shared values and commitment to community engagement, philanthropy, and acts of kindness. So many of you have responded to the pandemic by actively looking for creative, physically distant means of helping others, be they strangers, neighbors, or family. The Greeks called this Xenia—a sacred rule of hospitality and generosity toward others, particularly strangers. We want to know your story.

How to participate

Send a photo to of a good deed you’ve been up to, and in exchange we’ll post it to our Xenia gallery (check it out below) and send you a fabulous limited edition t-shirt designed by current student Precious Romo ’21.

Deadline to participate is Sunday, February 7, 2021. Don’t miss out!

Need some inspiration?

How about a photo of you raking leaves or shoveling snow for your elderly neighbor, or a photo of your work at the local food bank? Maybe you’ve been sewing masks to donate to essential workers, or decided to donate blood to help combat the nationwide shortage? 

Maybe you haven’t thought about a way to give your time or resources lately, and would like to do so to participate in this event? Well, look no further–we have some great resources for physically distant volunteer opportunities! All for Good provides a range of ways to volunteer from home. AmeriCorps has a list of 10 ways to help your community during COVID. VolunteerMatch can assist you in locating physically distant ways to help in your local area. 

Whatever your good works, snap a photo and send it to We’ll take care of the rest.

Alumni Xenia 2021 T-Shirt Design

Designed by current student Precious Romo ’21. Don't miss the chance to add this to your Reed t-shirt collection! Alumni Xenia 2021 T-Shirt Design

Alumni Xenia 2021 Photos!

Reedies all over the globe doing what they can to help their communities. Check out the 50 most recent photos below (click on each photo to read its description). See the entire Alumni Xenia photo album here.